An Open Letter to Fellow Thai Writers Nationwide


wad rawee:
An Open Letter to Fellow Thai Writers Nationwide

RE: Invitation to join hands in demanding amendment of Article 112 of the Criminal Code, and halting the use of lèse majesté charge to suppress freedom of speech and political expression

Dear fellow writers,

We, the undersigned, believe you agree that freedom of speech and opinion is preeminent to being a writer in a democratic society. Whether you are a career author or a “creative” writer, whatever your ideology, faith, or personal beliefs, freedom of speech and opinion is the fundamental building block that provides space, liberty, and opportunities to develop quality of work and life to every writer in the society, and equally so.

Whenever freedom of speech and opinion is fragile and unstable, the writer’s position in a democratic society must also concurrently be fragile and unstable. The primary effect of this situation is that it severs any opportunity to develop knowledge, ideas, and creativity required to write, since the boundaries of writers’ expression and intellectual inheritance become forcefully limited. A more severe impact is to live and work in an atrocious atmosphere, fearful of unfair loss of rights and freedoms, as well as physical dangers to oneself and family.

In Thai society today, Article 112 of the Criminal Code is being used by various people and groups as a political tool, to intimidate, even sue and imprison citizens who simply exercise their democratic rights. This situation tells us that freedom of speech and opinion in Thai society is increasingly being unjustly violated. As members of the public, we are concerned that our freedoms may be threatened; but as writers, we cannot remain indifferent and let the essence of being a writer in democratic society fall into such dire straits.

The short text of Article 112 of the Criminal Code which reads: “whosoever defames, insults, or displays malice toward the king, the queen, the heir, or the regent, shall be imprisoned between 3-15 years” has been invoked to accuse for political gain, to intimidate, sue, and imprison members of the general public. Many charges were made with a wide interpretation of the law; for example, merely not standing when the royal anthem is played could be construed as lèse majesté. Furthermore, the enforcement process of this article takes advantage of feelings a typical Thai harbors toward the king to excise and shorten the process, not following legally proper and appropriate procedures. Many cases are handled arbitrarily, such as holding court inquiry in secret, barring the media from reporting until now. Even members of the press, as well as state-university academics whose discourse on monarchy-related politics have been nothing but academic, have also been charged with lèse majesté.

We cannot comprehend how the accused in many instances can be construed as “defames, insults, or displays malice.” They merely attempt to suggest ideas about the monarchy directly, reasonably with historical facts, acting and speaking as civilized human beings. Moreover, their speech is clearly well-intended for the monarchy and Thai society, as they propose the means to create long-term stability for the monarchy, not made with disdain or desire to “bring down” the institution.

The climate of fear that pervades Thai society, as well as intimidation tactics by some groups, for example army members who intimidate the general public and sue academics, made us realize that it is now time to seriously reconsider Article 112 of the Criminal Code for improvement and amendment, lest freedom of speech and opinion recede further into the dark ages or is totally eradicated.

It is high time that Thai society separate “bringing down the monarchy” out of discussions for long-term social stability, and protecting people’s freedom of speech and opinion in a democratic constitutional monarchy.

As Thai citizens who are concerned of political and social situation in this climate of fear, and as Thai writers who cherish freedom of speech and opinion, we hereby call for urgent revision of Article 112 of the Criminal Code. We also support the consideration of proposals that some intellectuals (for instance the “Enlightened Jurists” group, professor Somsak Jeamteerasakul, and others) have already advocated, so that we may come to a fair conclusion that entails the most social benefits.

In addition, we demand that those who invoke the monarchy as an excuse to position or display political power, such as the army, stop such behavior immediately. You must reform yourselves if you genuinely wish for peace, unity, and fairness.

In a democratic society characterized by diversity and differences, the process of learning and exchange of different beliefs and opinions helps create stability for all, and alleviates violence of conflicts that may happen as per society’s nature. Reconciliation is not the result of fear, but arises out of hope in people’s learning, and confidence in human rights and people’s fundamental freedoms. If people’s freedom of speech and opinion is intimidated and shaken, one’s confidence in democracy and one’s nation is also undoubtedly shaken and decayed.

Fellow writers, we, the undersigned, demand the revision, improvement, and amendment of Article 112 of the Criminal Code, for the stability of democracy, fairness in society, endurance of the monarchy, and the future of our nation.

We, the undersigned, are confident that all fellow writers recognize the importance of freedom of speech and opinion. If you agree with our demands, agree that the charge of lèse majesté must stop being used as a political tool, we invite you to join us in this endeavor by signing this letter in the capacity of writer. Your voice is important to everyone who is facing unfair charges, as well as the accused in the past and in the future. We invite you all to join us in making this demand.

19 May 2554

Binlah Son
Prabda Yoon
Duangruethai Asanashatang
Zakariya Amataya
Kittiphol Saragganonda
Worapoj Panpong
Wad Rawee
Krit Lualamai
Sujane Kanparit


Theerapat Charoensuk
Pim Koetsawang
Sanu Aramakewanich
Sarayut Thammachoto
Nonglak Hongvisetchai
Chalermpan Wanchitnai
Duanwad Pimwana
Praguy Prachya
Nopadol  Prangthong
Noparut Hincheeranun


Kittika Boonmachai
Bhanu Maneevathanakul
Vichak Panich
Kiattisak Pankam
Sarinee Achavanuntakul
Chayanin Tiangpitayagorn
Thongthouch  Teparak
Athichala (Anticha Tasakorn)
Daranee Thongsiri


Nitipong Sumrankong
Sattha Seangtorn
Saharat Pattanakijworakoon
Wannasingh Prasertkul
Pry Pansang
Kanapon Wongwisespaiboon
Bunchit Fakmee
Sittha Wannasawart
Nisakorn  Keanmepol
Articha TontanawiKrai


Chantalak Raksayu
Karaket Sriparinyasin
Varanyoo Intrakumhang
Pitshaya Chonato
Peera Songkünnatham
Voravuj Sujjaporamest
Pichet Saengthong
Lakkana Punwichai
Kojorn Samuttachot
Poomanee Siripornpaiboon


Wichai Duangmala
Kaewta Tamin
Peeroon Arnusuriya
Pon Lanwarun
Titi Meetam
Tarit Totong
Poomipat Sanguankeaw
Nutcha Wiwatsirikul
Mahannop Chomchalao
Rawiwan Chomchalao


Piyapan Lerskunakorn
Naruepon Sudsawat
Napak Serirak
Tana Wongmanee
Arnupong Tepwarin
Charoonporn Parapakpralai
Chad Sripanich
Aroonroong Satsawee
Rangchang Manomai
Bhu Ka-dard


Ron Baranee
Tee Anmai
Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa
MuhammadHaris Kayem
Pornpimol Limcharoen
Konggeaw Kaweewan
Katanyu Swangsri
Harin Sukhavachana
Somwang Dungportungjit


Karl Rial
Kritwach Tachawani
Chanan Yodhong
Narawut Chaichompoo
Jarus Kosananan
Anant Kasetsinsombut
Wiwat Chang
Opal Prapavadee
Veerapong Soontornchattrawat
Pattraporn Wadklinhom


Pakavadi Veerapaspong
Sutthida Monthirarak
Surin Binnan
Artit Srijan
Sirinan Horhume
Tinnakorn H.
Athikhom Khunawut-ti
Kannikar Kijtiwatchakul
Sivadee Aksornnam
Anocha P.


Wisai Raewreab
Racha Bhrombhawang
Good-G Pornchai Sanyamul
Chutchon Ajanakittin
Atibhop Pataradetpisan
Wittawas Jankon
Niwat Puttaprasart
Ruangdej Chandergiri
Wipas Srithong
Deddeaw Laosinchai


Kraiwut Jullapongsatorn
Thares Nualsiri
Nakarin Wanakijpaibul (Ken)
Watcharat Buachum
Madinah Adulyarat
Trimizi Yama
Kanchat Rangseekanchanasong
Elcid Vergara
Vieng-vachira Buason
Thanutvorn  Jaturongkavanich


Worachai Petchkum
Uthis Haemamool
Jankyo-Pariya Ratanayotha
Wuttisan Chantwiboon
Chakkraphan Kwanmongkol
Rachata Araya
Rungrit Pedcharat
Prae Jaru
Nakhajohn Chandharawongsa (Anton)
Mongkon Rojanawisuttikoon


Noppol Soparrattanapaisan
Wasutep Ketpetch
Ratchada Usnakorn
Worawich Subtaweesang
Somsri Trangkasant
Orrawan Trangkasant
Panu Trivej
Varuth Pongsapipatt
Phu Chiangdao
Pracha Meachun


Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal
Nuttawat Sujarit
Soranarat Kanjanavanit
Areerat Goo (Pei)
Harish Thadmalai
Prididom Pattanashukeat
Natenapit Worasiri
Chatnakorn Ongkasing
Benjamas Winitchakul
Ju Panejorn


Pramote  sansvad
Nattharavut Muangsuk
Nawaf Maming
Chontida Pramede
Travis Bickle
Suddan. Wisudthiluck
Michael Leahai
Sungkom Srimahan
Karnt Thassanaphak
Small Bandhit Aneeya


Kingkarn Sriparinyasin
Khamsing Srinok
Wat Wanlayangkul
Thongkhaw Thaweeprangsrinukul
Homo erectus
Phiengkham Pradabkhwam
Chaiyaporn Intuwisankul
Chatchawan  Khotsongkhram
Weeraporn Prasoprattanasuk
Sathaporn Jorndit


Pinit Nilrat
Angkrit Ajchariyasophon
lily CU
Saharat Srapaiwanitch
Manote Bromsingh
Sujit Wongthes
Suphavadee Saragganonda
Art Patavee Viranuvat
Tepwut Boatum


Narong Nilkette
Woratep Akkabut
Piyavit Tepumnuaysakul
Phakin Nimmannorrawong
Warit Buranapattama
Waruj Prasopdee
Patchara Nirandkarn
Wanpen Sukhawiriyanonth
Kridtapoj Phongthiraprasit
Kuanporn Chareuanying


Siriworn KaewKan
Prapat Jiwarangsan
Vipar Daomanee
Anat Santone
Romphaeng  Ariyamas
From Hell
Ruangrorng Rungrasamee
Mone Sawadsri


Wanna Sawadsri
Suchart Sawadsri
Uruda Covin
Tanchanok Narkwiroj
'Fah  Seaneewong Na Ayudthaya
Wararat  Krasae
Archareeya Yaisoung
Wichida Phumesawasdi


Nutthapong Chaiwanitphon
Nampet Chueachom
Chaipapat Wairak
Kwanchai Dumrongkwan
Rood Thanarak
Nuttaa Mahattana
Chomporn Chailorm
Piyanart Thamawatana
Ded Chongmankong
Piyakul Phusri


Woratan Puengkeaw
Jirat Prasertsup
Naruemon Sarakornborirak
Arthakrit Mahakate
Tad Tada
Tanapat Wachiramatee
Benyapa Eemporn
Sujitra Oonemjai
Sananjitt Bangsapan
Kanya Meebumrung


Ladda Songkrasin
Ramida Talawat
Smitthi Tananithichot
Sirin Ruengwattanapaisan
Phaisit Phanphruksachat
Pimsiri  Petchnamrob
Palida Prakarapo
Monsawan Jindasang
Wisanu Inmaei


Varavadi Vongsangah
Unchalee Uchin
Chanchana Homsup
Sukhumpoj Kamsukhum
Funniest Blogger
Tawatchai Pattanaporn
Karn Gherunpong
Pawida Leepapan
Sangdao Sattraman


Worachai Petchkum
Tanyalak Boonsamrit
Titibordee Rungteerawattananont
Sansanee Songkeattana
Yuwadee Wachrangkoon
Wattana Sukhavachana
Punnada Saiyos
Gumpon Wongkumahd


Pakpume Lamoonpan
Juree Pipattanarangka
Mark P Poosaeng
Ekkamol Emradee
Phaitoon Bhramwijitra
Akkanee Moonmake
Charkrapan Kangwan
Rattikan Sae Hor
Rojana Larchen


Pit Bangpha
Peerapon Bangpha
Chamlong Phangchonjit
Kitti Jinsiriwanich
Amitha Amranand
Winai Chart-anant
Chalermpon Patavanich
Alyosha Wiengpong
Supakorn Archsuntorn


Supapan Sutakam
Pichan Worapanwan
Anan Putsorn
Panu Boonpipattanapong
Anucha  Wannasuntornchai
Tanyanun Oil - aree
Ekewit Teradit
Fan Faravel
Anurak Menrum


Weerayut Tanee
Sirichok Lersyaso
Paint the Sky
Rapin Wattana
Athakorn Bamrung
Buncha Tangyim
Thawat Damsa-ard
Sarit  Pa-arch
Eye Wei Wei


Nattakorn Parachai
Chonnawee KammongKol
Artyasitous de Zaramacras
Kampanart Hassadeewises
Somchai Jiu
Weerayos Samransuktiwawet
Anuraj Singh Dhindsa
Nartrapee Wongseangchandr
Krit Jintanakarn


Kriengkrai Huaboonsan
Taweesak Punglumphu
Piyabutr Lorgrailers
Dokya Bontangdin
Pichaya Aime Suphavanij
Supachai Ketkaroonkul
Cheewin Kanjanasakoon
Tippakorn  Boon-um
Wichit Horyingsawad
Anant Narkkong


Tawatchai Chaiwongsai
Jutamas Intaya
Vitayakorn Sowat
Utain Shartpinyo
Somporn Pongpan
Wichatorn Watsanathip
Boonsong Samart
Suthasinee Phanijchanont
Unchalee Anantawat
Pramuan Maneeroj


Apiradee Jutarsorn
Bordin Jirananthasak
Kanawit Seniwongs
Peerawaj Dueanchai
Thanes Seniwongs
Pensiri Junprateepchai
Sutthipa Samritprasong
Lisnaree Vichitsorasatra


Ratana Kumporn
Paphakorn Sirasoontorn
Satit Raksasri
Nuttapon Sawasdee
Rata Suwantong
Wichaya Siripongkasem
Rossanee Kaesaman
Teerawat Tassanapirom
Tae or
Eakwat Sanaypood


Chat Chaiyalert
Eakarach Lewthanamongkol
Thitipat Chaipongpipat
Vayoon Lungruttanasang
Kong Rithdee
Suvimol Kanansin
Than Ritiphan
Yudhisthira Singsiriporn
Pisit Wongsirisuksakul


Pen Pakata
Sukanya Moon-At
Wanus Choketaweesak
Rungruedee Khanakant
junn kahawattaganon


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