Benefits of Writing a Poem

Some may call it a gift. Others will call it a talent. People will also call it a way of your perseverance. But writing a poem can have its benefits. Not everyone can write a poem. If anyone can do it, you will read a poem in every corner of a room, on a bus, on your Amsterdam city trip, in an Amsterdam zoo, at a terminal, or your office. It takes skills to write a poem. Not everyone will do it but if you have a desire to write good poems, you already know that you have to exert some effort into it.


If you love writing poems, here are the conscious and unconscious benefits that it brings:

It can heal you emotionally

This is particularly true if you are currently undergoing emotional stress or a deep emotional season. The feelings that you have in you must always be poured outside. If you do not tell somebody of your emotions, it can cause stress in your body and you will eventually get different kinds of sickness. For some people, it is quite difficult to open up to people and tell them what happened to you. So for those who are a little introvert, you can instead choose to write poems. You can still show your emotions in a poem. Write about your anger, your sadness, or your relief of the situation.

It can improve cognitive functionpoetry

When you start writing poems, you will want to use a variety of words. The choice of the right term will be prioritized. The only way to do this is to force yourself to learn new words. You can do this by checking the dictionary or the thesaurus. These books can really help you with your search for the right words to use. The good thing here is that you already love writing poems and it will be easier for you to increase your vocabulary because you want your poem to look good.

It can help you be more aware of yourself

Most people will just wonder about their life and think about their plans for the future. And you can get lost with your thoughts in a snap of a moment. Poetry takes a snapshot of your emotions and your mind right there and then. You can reflect back on what you were thinking wrote a poem about it.